Thank you for coming to swim with us at All 4 Paws Wellness!

We strive to provide a safe, comfortable, healthy environment for all dogs to relax, swim and enjoy themselves. These policies are essential to ensure that every dog is safe and our facility is kept in excellent condition for you as well as the next dog booked to swim.

Rules and Policies

  1. Swim sessions by appointment only

  2. All paperwork ,  consisting of the New Client Form and Veterinary Release , must be received prior to your dog’s first swim. Dogs will not be allowed to swim without until this paperwork has been reviewed. 

  3. Dogs must be current on vaccinations unless a medical excuse is provided by your veterinarian

  4. Please check in with the front desk at Happy Tails to make sure that you can bring your dog in. Swim sessions are private, so please do not enter the pool area until it is time for your appointment.

  5. Dogs must be on a leash when entering and exiting the pool area.

  6. Do not feed your dog within 2 hours of swimming.

  7. Allow your dog to eliminate prior to entering the facility

  8. Please brush your dog before coming to swim- it will help keep our pool clean!

  9. If your dog is excessively dirty, we may ask you to please clean him up prior to entering the pool. We do have a wash station available if this is necessary, but it will reduce your pet’s swim time

  10. Unfortunately, due to liability issues, you may not swim with  your dog. They will be assisted by a professional swim coach at all times. You are welcome to view the swim from the side of the pool and encourage your dog.

  11. Your dog will wear a life jacket in the water for all sessions unless the swim coach has judged him to be an excellent swimmer.

  12. Towels are provided for drying off after the swim and the rinse station is available if you would like to rinse your pet off after the swim. Shampoo and ear cleaning/drying agents are also provided.  You will have 10 minutes after your dog’s swim to rinse and dry him/her.

  13. Payment is due at the time of your swim session. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.