Canine Rehabilitation

Canine rehabilitation is physical therapy for dogs.  It utilitizes mutiliple modalities to increase the function and mobility of joints and muscles, reduce pain and improve recovery from injury, surgery, and age related conditions like osteoarthritis and degenerative diseases. It also is effective in enhancing safe weight loss in overweight or obese patients as well as general strengthening and injury prevention in geriatric patients.

  • Hydrotherapy/ Aquatic therapy- the use of sessions in the underwater treadmill or swimming pool to build muscle strength and conditioning, cardiovascular fitness, and range of motion while minimizing pain with low or no- impact exercise.

  • Thermotherapy - the therapeutic use of superficial heat and cold for the treatment of disease or trauma. 

  • Therapeutic Exercises - specific exercises designed to increase range of motion, muscle mass and strength,  and balance in order to  prevent further injury and improve performance of activities of everyday living.

  • Massage - the manipulation of soft tissue to increase blood flow, flexibility and range of motion and relieve tension and pain.

  • Laser Therapy -the application of focused  light energy to tissue to enhance cellular functions,  accelerating healing and decreasing pain and inflammation. 

  • Acupuncture - the practice of placing very thin needles to stimulate specific points, which are rich in blood vessels and nerve tissue, which leads to the release of chemical mediators that can change the perception of pain as well as influence organ function. In traditional Chinese medicine terms, these points are along meridians, or channels, through which Qi (energy) flows. These channels can become blocked due to illness or injury, and when the points are stimulated, the blockages are released, allowing for the normal flow of energy and restoration of balance.