All 4  Paws Wellness provides canine hydrotherapy for rehabilitation, fitness, and weight loss in a safe, comfortable, clean environment with a skilled swim assistant. Our goal is for your furry friend to live a long happy, healthy life. We will make that happen by promoting exercise and proper nutrition. We offer year round assisted swim sessions in our heated indoor 13’ x 25’ saltwater pool.



All 4 Paws Wellness is located at Happy Waves located within Happy Tails Dog Daycare  at 119 Bishop St. Portland, ME  04103





  • Swim sessions  in our 13 x 25' heated indoor pool
  • Underwater treadmill sessions for rehabilitation or fitness 
 Session includes hydrotherapy, laser therapy, massage and/or  physiotherapy exercises for recovery from injury or surgery 


All 4 Paws Wellness is a holistic veterinary practice owned by Maine licensed veterinarian Chris Fraser,  who has extensive training in veterinary rehabilitation and acupuncture.  Dr. Fraser operates Happy Waves aquatic center for Happy Tails Dog Daycare, located at 119 Bishop St., Portland, ME.

Happy Waves is located at Happy Tails Dog Daycare, a long established (since 2003),  dog-loving community of professionals that provide excellent daycare, boarding and dog- walking services for your canine.

Happy Waves is the vision of Happy Tails owner Frank Billings, who has long dreamt of providing hydrotherapy to his water-loving geriatric and high energy clients, as well as to dogs in need of rehabilitation from injury. He is thrilled to be able to provide this service to all- to his amazing, dedicated clients as an addition to their daycare experience, as well as to all the new friends who need hydrotherapy for rehabilitation, fitness, weight loss, or simply just for fun!


How would hydrotherapy benefit my dog?

  • Warm water hydrotherapy has been shown to have many therapeutic effects

  • Warms tissues and increases circulation to limbs

  • Increases joint flexibility, increasing range of motion of joints

  • Allows patient to exercise without the pain caused by weight -bearing (excellent for arthritis)

  • The fluid pressure of the water (hydrostatic pressure) helps reduce swelling and edema of limbs as well as decrease pain during exercise

  • Provides increased resistance that strengthens muscle, increases endurance and cardiovascular fitness

  •  Prevents injury by increasing whole body strength, including core muscles

  •  Improves psychological well-being

  •  Increases metabolic requirements, assisting weight loss

Conditions benefitting from hydrotherapy

  •      Rehabilitation of post- operative fracture or ligament repair

  •      Treatment of neurologic conditions

  •      Conservative treatment of injuries, like CCL stabilization and tendinitis

  •      Many musculoskeletal issues where there is a lack of strength, range of motion, proprioceptive ability or reluctance to bear weight on a limb

  •       Overweight dogs -as they can perform vigorous activity  which they cannot perform on land- allowing increase in metabolic tissue (muscle- building) as well as burning calories

  •       Geriatric dogs that are weak,  have lost muscle mass and/or have arthritis

Pool  vs. Underwater Treadmill


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